Well Management & Engineering

Well engineering and advisory services

Our Wells Team deliver well engineering consultancy services to the global oil and gas drilling industries as an engineering and advisory organization that supports the well construction and well intervention sections in the oil and gas industry.

Through Horizon's sister business WellSpec, our engineering team comprises of drilling and well engineers with many years of worldwide operator and contractor experience. Well engineering experience ranges from Managed Pressure Drilling, Underbalanced Drilling, High Pressure High Temperature, Extended Reach Drilling, Casing Drilling, Coiled Tubing Drilling, Geothermal, Unconventional Gas and various other specialized engineering applications for onshore, offshore, deep-water and remote locations.

The WellSpec team members have proven to be a valuable asset to any project. All the work performed by WellSpec engineers is constantly peer reviewed within the team to ensure a consistent high-quality work delivery.

Services Offered

WellSpec operate fully independently and are not associated with service providers, operators, drilling contractors or equipment manufacturers. Services offered include 3rd party independent reviews of all aspects of drilling and well engineering requirements:

  • Basis of design preparation

We are able to create a functional basis of well design, basis of MPD design and other basis of design’s required for a client to drill the well. This is usually the first document that is released by the drilling team for the client to continue with other services.

  • Design verification services

We are able to verify well designs by using our own well engineering software, independent from the clients to verify if the inputs and resultant outputs match industry, regulatory standards and best practices.

  • Offset well analysis

We are able to analyse the offset wells for a drilling project and determine what were the issues it has encountered, what are the difference between these projects and what could have been done better.

  • Well examination services

We are able to verify the content of the basis of well design and the drilling/ completion/ intervention program against industry, regulatory standards and best practices.

  • Well planning; directional planning, casing design, hydraulics, torque and drag

With the well engineering software that we have, we are able to design and verify well engineering requirements such as the items listed above. This service is vital for any well planning work.

  • Well control services

With the experience of WellSpec engineers with well control, we offer well control services in the event where the client needs a person on site to manage well control operations or even to verify if the drilling program has the mitigation required for well control events.

  • Well integrity services

WellSpec can ensure technical and operational well integrity is maintained by performing Well integrity management, Basis of design, Well construction integrity, Well operational integrity, Well intervention integrity, Well abandonment integrity, Review of risk and reliability of barriers and Well control contingency planning. We can create the Well Integrity Management System (WIMS) for clients, verify barriers, review well design and construction for integrity, perform periodic reviews during the operations phase and identify integrity loopholes during intervention and abandonment phase.

  • Drilling program and procedural reviews

WellSpec can review the complete drilling program against industry, regulatory standards and best practices. Procedures are looked at in detail and reviewed against the well objectives.

  • High level cost estimates

WellSpec can provide this service and clients can use this estimate for their basis of costing their project. This is high level and includes all the services, equipment and materials that would be required to drill, complete or test the well.

  • AFE generation

AFE is application for expenditure. Clients create a AFE to apply for budget/ funding to drill their well. This is the continuation of a high level cost estimate and is more detailed with actual quote prices from contractors and vendors. The accuracy of the AFE depends on the drilling program and well objectives. We are able to support this by working closely with the clients team and speaking to the various disciplines within the company e.g. subsurface, drilling, completion and production.

  • Tender specification and procurement support

WellSpec can create technical and commercial documentation for any of the services, material or equipment to drill and complete the well. The technical and commercial specification is created and clients can use this to combine with their standard bid/ tender package to be issued to contractors, vendors and manufacturers.

  • Relief well, dynamic kill and blowout contingency planning

WellSpec can perform blowout contingency planning services including well control response planning, worst case discharge, casing design for worst case discharge, plume evaluation, capping considerations, relief well design and dynamic kill planning for all well types. This is very much in demand for deepwater, HPHT or high risk wells.

  • MPD and UBD rig integration, engineering and operational support: 

This is one of the core services WellSpec are providing. We work as part of the clients team to look after their interests in the integration and operational phase.

  • Onsite engineering and operations support

WellSpec is able to provide rigsite and operational support by the usage of our experienced engineers. Some clients do not have the operational personnel readily available all the time, so this gap can be met with the use of our personnel such as wellsite drilling supervisors and drilling engineers for onsite technical support.

  • Crew competency analysis

WellSpec can perform a competency analysis for the clients personnel based on project requirements. For example, in the event where the client is drilling a HPHT or ERD well, we would analyze the personnel experience and determine if a gap is available and what the client can do to fill in those gaps.

  • Incident reviews and investigations

We are able to review incidents and investigate drilling and well related issues that have happened in the past and determine the root cause of the incident and report such to the client.

Wellsite Support

WellSpec’s experienced team of engineers and supervisors are ready to provide wellsite drilling supervisors and drilling engineers for onsite technical support.

Specialist Inspection

Together with Horizon Resources, WellSpec provides expert rig inspections for MPD, UBD, HPHT or well control equipment before a rig is contracted or commences specific drilling operations. This ensures the rig is fully ready for complex well operation.