Horizon Resources

Trusted local, geared global with the solutions to enable your project's success

Horizon Resources is a client-centric solutions provider to the upstream energy industry focused on complementary services to rig contractors, operators, and service companies for the safe and efficient delivery of wells through the full life cycle in the oil and gas, and unconventional sectors.

Since 2006 Horizon Resources have partnered with the industry to assure rig and crew safety, performance and uptime. The expanding services suite has come as a response to the growing industry need for specialist support outside of traditional construction, commissioning, auditing and inspection to that of tailored upstream services enabling management, engineering and SME services across well construction, intervention and decommissioning phases.

With a local footprint and established team supporting Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea we offer the largest network of experienced personnel to the region and comprise the most comprehensive knowledge base having worked extensively with clients in the region.

At Horizon Resources we uniquely offer both a trusted and experienced local support that understands your business operational challenges but further combined with a client focused service developed facing the many challenges globally in our industry today.

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