Rig, Dropped Objects and Camp Inspection

The project involved completing a mechanical, electrical, dropped objects and camp inspection of a rig in Queensland Australia.

Client Challenge:

The client required a rig inspection to be completed at short notice as it was required urgently by the operator. Horizon was chosen due to its ability to respond quickly and work cooperatively with both the client and operator to see that the rig could reach compliance as soon as possible.


Due to the rig being required at short notice and the fact that it had been stacked for a short period it was a challenging process to ensure that all parties worked together to ensure compliance in the shortest possible timeframe. This required Horizon to visit the site a number of times to reinspect the rig and ensure compliance. It also required Horizon’s technical and operations staff to manage the process with online meetings etc between Horizon, the operator and the client.


The rig was able to be mobilised to the field in a short time frame whilst meeting regulatory, operator and client requirements.

Why work with Horizon

Horizon was chosen for our reaction time, flexibility and value for money.