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HRI Assurance Services

Delivering the services and expertise needed to bring projects and operations back under control – and keep them there. We work with you to reduce downtime – safely!

Software & Control Systems Integrity

Our proven techniques, methodology and subject matter expertise maximize return on investment (ROI) for your business assets. Results include increased operational efficiencies of over 80%, reduced downtime by more than 40% and substantially decreased costs across our client base.

What We Do

In serving the global oil and gas and manufacturing industries, our professional consulting, project management and training services provide cost and risk reduction solutions focused on improving our client companies’ bottom line.


Keep your operations up and running by identifying and reducing the chance of human error and system failure. A single control system can be more complex than all the mechanical systems onboard a rig.

Automated systems are not only mission-critical for rig safety, reliability and performance, but are also integrated with multiple automation systems in a custom software configuration unique to each rig. Without conducting risk assessment and mitigation activities, a seemingly simple change to one system can have potentially catastrophic effects on other systems with which it is integrated, failing to prevent or even causing an accident.

HRI provides the experience, knowledge and services needed to ensure thorough assessment, mitigation and management of potential risks throughout the life cycle of your rig.

What We Do

Our Areas of Strength


Change happens, is your rig ready?

Understand and manage control system change to maintain a reliable drilling unit.

Software and control systems change during drilling operations—software is updated, configurations are

modified, and crews change. Understanding and managing control system change is just as important as critical system maintenance. Both are required for a reliable drilling unit.

Our Rig Readiness program assures critical software and control systems perform as expected after an extended

drilling program or when rigs change clients. Our goal is to minimize downtime and risk associated with control system failure.

What We Do

Control system implementation and operation is verified against industry standards, supplier requirements and best practices. Systems reviewed and verified include:

Processes and policies reviewed include:


Prevent downtime and safety incidents by understanding potential failures, as well as their criticality and impacts on staff and assets.

The ever-increasing number of software and automated systems found on rigs continues to introduce new failure modes.

Understanding these failure modes and their subsequent effects and criticality (including probability of occurrence and degree of severity) significantly reduces NPT and safety-related incidents.

We have experienced personnel combined with proven processes and systems to deliver mission- critical Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) services. We do so by leveraging years of field experience coupled with our software, automation and project management expertise.

What We Do

Potential Areas of Focus


Are your control systems visible to hackers?

Good security practices reduce risk and ensure high-consequence situations are avoided.

With an increasing number of industrial control systems exposed to external, uncontrolled access for remote upgrades and remote monitoring, the general ease of access means these systems are often visible to hackers. When this access is combined with the increased use of highly targeted—and often outdated or unpatched operating systems—there is good reason for concern.

A robust Cyber Security program will help mitigate the risk of incidents and expensive downtime cause by attacks focused on Industrial Control Systems and software found in both onshore and offshore assets.

What We Do

We examine and assess the physical and logical security of the industrial control system to identify the Security Baseline. This will identify the level of risk for attack. Systems reviewed and verified include:

The Security Baseline is used to strengthen the asset’s industrial control systems and reduce the likelihood of an attack. Remediation recommendations may include:


Is system commissioning delayed due to lack of automation or software functionality?

Are software upgrades complicating implementation of automation?

Are constant equipment upgrades and changes causing software configuration management chaos?

The level of automation on drilling vessels is steadily increasing, and with new technology comes new complexity.

To achieve optimal safety and performance, this mission-critical collection of hardware and software from multiple vendors must work together as an integrated system.

With vendors only looking after their own components, who is looking out for the overall system? Our Automation Capabilities Management (ACM) services are designed to do just that – reduce the risk of downtime caused by automation and software-related failures across the entire system, rather than simply within a single vendor’s components.

What We Do

Are software and automation problems within your drilling or manufacturing operations costing significant downtime?