Well Intervention Services

Alternative methods to well intervention

We specialize in alternative methods to intervening with existing production assets based on our wealth of experience in Intervention equipment and operations to ensure that all your equipment and personnel competencies have been checked by reputable professionals who recognize the Importance of getting it right first time. We have supported major intervention and P&A projects around the globe by taking a proactive approach. In addition, our operational experience and large lessons learned database provides our customers with cost-efficient solutions.

Well Intervention Overview

The term intervention is used to cover all equipment and operations to intervene with the well. The well intervention team includes experts in all operations and equipment outside of “normal” virgin rock drilling methods and equipment. This equipment includes all wireline, coiled tubing, and pressure control equipment associated with surface technologies.

Horizon Resources Well Intervention Services-Personnel

The well intervention team are operational savvy veterans that keep the project moving forward and identify potential showstoppers at the outset with consultation on solving any gaps or problems incurred.

Standards and good practices

The inspection criteria which are used as reference during inspections are internationally recognized standards, customer’s safety and operating standards, the original equipment manufacturer’s maintenance and operating specifications and accepted oilfield operating and safety practices.


Equipment Pedigree Assessment for Coiled Tubing/Wireline/Slickline/E-line

Original documentation (including updates as relevant) shall be available and traceable to the components and systems subject to third-party verification. The documentation review shall include, but is not limited to, the following items;

  • Indicates the equipment has been properly designed and constructed.
  • CoC’s and serial numbers match the pressure components
  • Verify NDEs and major inspections.
  • Operational history
  • Bending moment and recorded for future reference. (cyclict rate 50ft. to 100ft. of CT pending on grade).
  • Well control equipment to be rated for MASP.
  • Maintenance and inspection history/records, to verify that the equipment has been subject to regular PM and inspection
  • Verify any modifications are captured in current drawings (as built).
  • OEM specifications for service and repair
  • Certified chains, lifting etc.

Highlight Service: Integrity Planning  

Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP)

After an inspection has been executed and the condition of the equipment and pedigree has been captured in a dashboard (living document), a gap analysis will provide the foundation of the revised PMP. Horizon Resources will build formal maintenance tracking system to ensure that corrective maintenance and scheduled maintenance is implemented in a timely manner. A Horizon Resources inhouse engineer along with an intervention SME will write preventive maintenance and preservation procedures for relevant mechanical and pressure containing equipment captured in this workscope. 

  • Short-term preservation
  • Long-term preservation
  • H2S maintenance and preservation
  • In between well maintenance
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance