Training and Coaching

Training and development

Horizon Resources offers training and development services to the Oil, Gas and Resources industry. Drawing on the qualifications and practical experience of our engineers and assessors, Horizon has developed practical industry training programmes including Rig Inspection & Safe Environment (RISE). Along with our experienced Wells Engineering and Intervention teams we offer customisable packages across well construction and decommissioning for client specific applications.

Rig Inspection & Safe Environment (RISE)

This IADC accredited course has been developed for both beginners and supervisors involved in the drilling industry, working on all types of drilling and workover rigs, whether for oil, gas, geothermal or water. Attendees benefit from experienced lecturers and updated curriculum aimed at improving candidates’ knowledge of drilling, workover and well control equipment. In addition to those new to the industry, drilling engineers, managers and personnel involved in the supply chain and logistics of rig operations will greatly benefit from this training.

Course Content and Overview

Upon completion of the Rig Inspection and Safe Environment (RISE) training, attendees will be able to:

  • Conduct a basic visual rig inspection using a defined format
  • Identify major items that may impact safety and operational capability of drilling rigs
  • Describe the main criteria for of the main items of rig equipment including the drawworks, top drive or rotary table
  • Recognise indications of overall drilling rig condition and maintenance status
  • Identify standards used in the drilling industry (e.g. API) and their application to drilling equipment
  • Explain the purpose and meaning of an equipment certificate.