Snubbing Unit Inspection

Inspection of a snubbing unit for fitness for purpose and compliance with international and Australian Standards, operator requirements and Queensland regulations.

Client Challenge:

The client requested that Horizon inspect the snubbing unit to ensure that it was fit for purpose and complied with the standards set by the operator as well as with Australian and international standards and with regulations set by the Queensland regulator.

Horizon was chosen due to our reputation in the onshore Australian market and with the client and operator.


The project involved a thorough inspection of the snubbing unit by our experienced surveyors utilizing Horizon’s technical backup resources.


The unit was found to be in good condition with a small number of issues to be addressed. Horizon worked with the client to ensure that issues were addressed and closed out to enable the unit to go to work in the shortest possible timeframe.

Why work with Horizon

Horizon was chosen for the project due to its reaction time, equipment knowledge and ability to work with the client and operator to solve problems.