Project Support- Reactivation and Upgrading of Conventional Rig

Project management and support for the reactivation and upgrading of a conventional rig for an onshore to offshore project to drill the longest horizontal wells ever drilled in Australia.

Client Challenge:

The client was planning to drill two onshore to offshore wells in Southern Australia. There were few rigs available with the capacity to drill the wells. The rig chosen had been cold stacked for approximately four years in a relatively harsh environment- high rainfall and temperature extremes. The rig also required upgrades to the circulating system, power and mud system.


Horizon undertook initial condition surveys of the rig and found that there had been some deterioration and water intrusion to various components during stacking. A number of components were sent off for repair.

Horizon visited the site where the rig was stacked on a regular basis as well as sites where equipment was being repaired and upgraded to monitor progress.

Horizon’s involvement continued throughout reactivation and the company was asked to provide a number of inspections and provide support throughout the project.

This was a complex project over a period of time requiring the input of Horizon’s most senior surveyors and technical staff.


An extremely complex project completed successfully in often challenging conditions.

Why work with Horizon

Horizon was chosen for this project due to our expertise and our technical support capability. Horizon surveyors have extensive experience with the rigs operating in Australia and the locations they operate. We were also able to respond at short notice when issues arose.