Project Management - Upgrade, Maintenance and Testing - Victory Class Offshore Rig

The project involved project management of upgrades, maintenance and testing of various systems on a Victory class drilling rig prior to an offshore drilling campaign in Australia.

Client Challenge:

ModuSpec Horizon Resources has in depth knowledge of Victory Class Drilling rigs having been involved in design, construction, commissioning and acceptance work for several of this class of rig over the past twenty years. This particular project involved management of various upgrades, inspection and testing prior to the drilling campaign in Australia including:

  • 20’ boom extension of two cranes and boom rest modifications
  • Repairs and maintenance to the Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Inspection and testing of the Oily Water Separator
  • Pontoon ballast tank repairs
  • Various other upgrade, maintenance and testing works


The client required a project manager with significant knowledge of the Victory Class rigs who was able to complete the project on location and during COVID restrictions. Horizon has worked successfully with the client over many years and has built a high level of familiarity with their rigs and systems as well as a high level of trust.


Horizon was able to complete the work while the rig was off the coast of Australia prior to the drilling campaign, during the tow to the drilling site, and on first location. The work was completed in compliance with all regulatory, operator and company COVID requirements and completed on time and within budget.

Why work with Horizon

Horizon was chosen for the project due to technical expertise and experience, value for money and ability to complete the job done on time and within budget under difficult circumstances.